The first superfast electric charging station is in the Portanuova district.
09 November 2021
The first experience store in Europe opens its doors in Portanuova.
05 November 2021
A ritual, an event, one the of the most awaited moments of the year. Milano Fashion Week.
08 October 2021
Electric, plug-in hybrid, gas-powered, and mild hybrid. What kind of car do you have?
10 September 2021
New format, new curator, fresh start. And it’s even at Portanuova.
09 September 2021
A sheet of sky blue notes adorns Milan’s green lung.
03 August 2021
One of today’s trendiest and most loved sports worldwide.
07 July 2021
The call for tenders for sustainable architecture design at the BAM and the public areas of Portanuova is online.
11 June 2021
Once again, Portanuova welcomes summertime unfolding beach chairs and umbrellas at the BAM.
09 June 2021
Culture, music, science, poetry, sports, and – why not? – lots of chill out.
26 May 2021
The spring air at Portanuova has never had the scent of rebirth as much as this year.
17 May 2021
Of course, at Portanuova we are all asking ourselves: who’s behind this? And most of all, what’s inside it?
22 April 2021
On the occasion of INTERNI magazine’s Designer’s week (from 16 to 23 April), Audi presents its new electric SUV.
20 April 2021
The cultural events at BAM are always free, and continue thanks to the support of BAMFRIEND, its green community!
25 March 2021
With its iconic skyscrapers, many consider it “Milan’s Manhattan”.
23 March 2021
A new generation of green vehicles is an expression of design, efficiency, functionality, and performance at the service of our well-being.
17 March 2021
The building in Via Bonnet is the protagonist of a great renovation operation that has given life to the complex.
16 March 2021