Welcome to the first flagship store for conscious travelers
30 April 2024
The neighborhood welcomes LifeWear made in Japan
24 April 2024
Portanuova celebrates the creativity of designers from all over the world
29 March 2024
You take a stroll around Portanuova and taaaac you find yourself in the middle of a film shooting?
Be a Spooner, be unconventional. Bending Spoons' new offices in Portanuova.
21 March 2024
Discover the new sustainable neighbourhood (district) laundry.
The range of Fine Dining Restaurants in the district is enriched for sophisticated and elegant gourmet experiences.
Piazza Gae Aulenti will host a 13-metre tree, a light tunnel to plunge into the Christmas atmosphere and 5 interactive rooms
27 November 2023
Enjoy your slice, all you Spontini lovers!
16 November 2023
Portanuova could have nothing but an innovative format.
04 September 2023
Tac! is a women’s start-up company that seems to be made to measure for Portanuova.
04 September 2023
10 stores and cafés/restaurants through their shop windows and interior design to create the rose-coloured products made for the Pink Week
25 July 2023
The benefits of co-working are well-known to those who work in global cities.
07 July 2023
Over the years, Big Spaces has increasingly solidified its role within the district becoming one of the main activators.
06 July 2023
Inclusivity, a fundamental ingredient for a dynamic and responsible community, is one of the native values of the Portanuova neighborhood.
21 June 2023
Milan and Portanuova have been chosen to host the world premiere reveal event of the new Volvo EX30.
13 June 2023
In the Portanuova district, the third edition of BAM OPEN AIR DESIGN comes to life.
07 June 2023
Digital, dynamic, creative and sustainable. This is the identity – aligned with Portanuova’s values
15 May 2023
La Gazzetta dello Sport, con il patrocinio del Comune di Milano, presenta la Milano Football Week
Get ready for the 2nd edition of BAM Circus.
05 May 2023
Portanuova, da sempre inno e omaggio a cielo aperto all’architettura urbana contemporanea, in occasione della Design Week.
LEGO Italy and its business partner Percassi will open their second Certified Store in Milano
264 open-air, open to everyone not only in terms of accessibility but for their inclusive and participatory spirit.
The Varesine Promenade at Portanuova welcomes “Six”, entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli’s innovative space
Don't miss Digital Export & Social Selling.
01 March 2023
It defines itself on Instagram as a “Pioneer of sustainable fashion”, attaching its image to the signature claim
BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano also wants to focus on the faunal biodiversity of the park.
01 February 2023
Born in 2017 in Park Lane, in the heart of Mayfair, London, the fairy-tale-ish brand EL&N is now open at the Portanuova District
How can a neighborhood turn into a village?
06 December 2022
Portanuova celebrates the passion for the most loved sport in Italy.
21 November 2022
On Sunday 23 October, BAM presented the 2nd edition of “BAM! The Park becomes an Island”.
27 October 2022
Hear that sound? “Casa Spotify” is now at Portanuova
19 October 2022
Portanuova is the first and only district in the world to have obtained a double LEED & WELL for Community certification.
19 October 2022
Picture a bar open from the morning to the after-dinner, which allows you to create and order your customized spirit
30 September 2022
On Sunday, September 18, 2022, BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano welcomes the city back from the summer break
01 September 2022
3 days of irresistible attractions at Portanuova.
14 June 2022
In the city of “doing”, Portanuova hosts an example of “knowing how to do”, and “to do well”.
26 May 2022
What is the latest trend in Milan? The piano. Piano City Milano, a festival of music events
17 May 2022
To celebrate the first 100 years of the iconic Golden Bears, HARIBO has decided to bring its childlike happiness
12 May 2022
Portanuova has teamed up with E.ON – one of the main utility companies in Italy.
27 April 2022
15 April 2022
The first neighbourhood e-car sharing blooms in Portanuova.
15 April 2022
as the Library of Trees becomes a great open-air stage
01 April 2022
Innovation and technology in a temporary store at Portanuova.
16 March 2022
Imperfection as a form of beauty, in Portanuova.
16 December 2021
Portanuova lights up green and surprises you during the holidays with a calendar of events to enjoy together.
03 December 2021
The first superfast electric charging station is in the Portanuova district.
09 November 2021
The first experience store in Europe opens its doors in Portanuova.
05 November 2021
A ritual, an event, one the of the most awaited moments of the year. Milano Fashion Week.
08 October 2021
Electric, plug-in hybrid, gas-powered, and mild hybrid. What kind of car do you have?
10 September 2021
New format, new curator, fresh start. And it’s even at Portanuova.
09 September 2021
A sheet of sky blue notes adorns Milan’s green lung.
03 August 2021
One of today’s trendiest and most loved sports worldwide.
07 July 2021
The call for tenders for sustainable architecture design at the BAM and the public areas of Portanuova is online.
11 June 2021
Once again, Portanuova welcomes summertime unfolding beach chairs and umbrellas at the BAM.
09 June 2021
Culture, music, science, poetry, sports, and – why not? – lots of chill out.
26 May 2021
The spring air at Portanuova has never had the scent of rebirth as much as this year.
17 May 2021
Of course, at Portanuova we are all asking ourselves: who’s behind this? And most of all, what’s inside it?
22 April 2021
On the occasion of INTERNI magazine’s Designer’s week (from 16 to 23 April), Audi presents its new electric SUV.
20 April 2021
The cultural events at BAM are always free, and continue thanks to the support of BAMFRIEND, its green community!
25 March 2021
With its iconic skyscrapers, many consider it “Milan’s Manhattan”.
23 March 2021
A new generation of green vehicles is an expression of design, efficiency, functionality, and performance at the service of our well-being.
17 March 2021
The building in Via Bonnet is the protagonist of a great renovation operation that has given life to the complex.
16 March 2021