Portanuova celebrates the new season with a return to life: it’s Urban Bloom time!

The spring air at Portanuova has never had the scent of rebirth as much as this year: a return to life that nature celebrates by blooming. We all finally meet outdoors again, and the District tells us this outstanding explosion of shapes and colours in different ways.

It’s not just about Mother Nature’s show at the BAM park: the Urban Bloom digital project provides an urban take on springtime, extending the wonderful blooming to other areas of the neighbourhood thanks to the projection of a video representing the typical “botanical artworks” of the warm season. A way to greet visitors with a bouquet of flowers and guide them across the pedestrian paths of Portanuova, for an immersive experience: a series of breath-taking images will animate the big screens placed along the “path of rebirth” from Porta Garibaldi train station, down Via Castiglioni and Via Capelli, up to the Alvar Aalto and Gae Aulenti squares.

The beauty of blossoming flowers is captured in time-lapse, a film technique that accelerates frames thus concentrating even long shooting sequences in a short time. Sunflowers, tulips, and lavander in bloom are just a few of the bucolic views which add to the selection you may “naturally” admire in BAM during springtime. The event will take place starting 14 May and will last for two weeks: it is Portanuova’s way to say hi to the scented season and welcome its visitors, also thanks to the cooperation with BAM and in parallel with the launch of its new initiatives. Join in, we’ll finally meet again, always in a safe and respectful way!