The first ultra-fast charging station in Italy, now in Portanuova

A new generation of green vehicles is an expression of design, efficiency, functionality, and performance at the service of our well-being. A sustainable mobility that Volvo has decided to bring to the table at Portanuova, selected as a quintessential location for the respect of people and the environment. The Swedish manufacturer, which aims to strictly sell electric vehicles by 2030 and already resides at the District with a showroom (Volvo Studio), has chosen Portanuova for the installation of the first 150 kW ultra-fast charging station in Italy. It will be the forefather of the Volvo Recharge Highways project, aiming to spread ultra-fast charging hubs nationwide, beside its dealerships and at highway exits. What’s more, these technological clean-energy filling stations will be open to all vehicles – electric and plug-in hybrid – even of other brands.

Mobility plays a fundamental role in our future and that of the delicate ecosystem we live in. Portanuova energizes us once again with this green initiative.