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First district in the world to obtain the double LEED & WELL for Communities sustainability certifications, Portanuova is an unprecedented urban regeneration project. Not only has it given back to the city of Milan one of its abandoned, historic industrial parks: it has reopened its spaces to the community, and reopened the city’s doors to the world with state-of-the-art architectures admired and recognized across the map for the beauty of their design and sustainability. A district “signed” by the greatest architects in the business, and animated by a vibrant atmosphere. Most of all, a green district where visitors may smell the scent of magnolia flowers while waiting for the start of a cultural event or a meeting. Portanuova introduces itself as a space for gravitation of experiences and relationships, available to all. A place of life, work, and gathering of families, young men and women, sportspeople, professionals, tourists, and curious visitors. A bustling location that is always open to the city and the world. An organism that, despite its record heights, never stops growing. Much like all of us, alive and constantly evolving, with new projects on our tables.

  • 100 Botanical species at BAM, the Milan Library of Trees
  • 900 m The city’s longest pedestrian path
  • 160,000 mq Pedestrian areas

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