Powerstop Portanuova: Volvo gives you the charge

The first superfast electric charging station is in the Portanuova district.

Not only a superfast electric charging station, Volvo Car Italia, in collaboration with COIMA, also activates an electric mobility service, ELECTRICity. Two initiatives that confirm the engagement of the two brands for the diffusion of the electric mobility to support the sustainable development for the city of Milan. Two steps that are part of a larger project, the electrification of the entire Portanuova district and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.

Electric mobility, + nature, + architecture = Portanuova
An urban environment perfectly in line with the sustainability objectives and the decarbonisation guidelines of the European Union. This is the Portanuova district, that today hosts two more green spots: the Volvo Cars fast electric charging station, Powerstop, equipped with a column that can recharge an electric vehicle with a power of 150 KW, and ELECTRICity, the premium mobility service that Volvo Car Italia activates for residents and businesses in the neighborhood. Available to the public there will be a fleet of Volvo XC40Recharge full electric. Try the first full electric Volvo car.

“Such projects represent a concrete example of the ability to sensibly innovate with the aim of achieving, all together, increasingly livable and sustainable cities”.

Manfredi Catella, Founder e CEO for COIMA

Try the full electric Volvo Car Italia in Portanuova, you have time until November 30th.