Innovation and technology in a temporary store at Portanuova.

From 22 March to 3 April, Piazza Gae Aulenti will host the Future Room, a non-profit project by Webidoo (click here for the interview) in partnership with Portanuova. Webidoo will offer its know-how to not-for-profit organizations for two weeks, giving life to technology and innovation-based events and activities, completely free of charge and open to all.

Ready to travel to the future?
Webidoo and Portanuova present this initiative in full harmony with one of the District’s goals: to bring an added value to the people. How? Through a futuristic and human-centric journey in which technology is a booster for business and everyday life. This is what Webidoo was born for: since 2017, its mission is to bring digital transformation to all, including SMEs and non-profit organizations.

So what is the Future Room?
An area where Webidoo, together with Portanuova, offers products and technology to create free and accessible events and activities. The Future Room will look just like a home, the quintessential multi-purpose setting. A place for smart working – especially nowadays – but even wellness and home training, with cutting-edge devices encouraging healthy, conscious, and sustainable eating habits, as well as a salubrious and eco-friendly lifestyle.

With its Future Room at Portanuova, Webidoo brings innovative products to the people: devices that make life simpler through intriguing and interactive experiences.

From 22 March to 3 April
Come visit the Webidoo temporary store at Portanuova.
And if you are interested, visit the District store too.

Read our interview with Giovanni Farese, co-founder e general manager of Webidoo.

Come and join us at Portanuova!

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