It already exists in the US, but it is the first one in Europe. And it's right in Portanuova, located in via Amerigo Vespucci 12. What is Webidoo Store? It's an experience store dedicated to innovation, a concept retail store where you can try technology products and then, if you like them, buy them.

From gaming to domotics, from hi-tech video to smart mobility, the Webidoo store allows people to test products from many brands.

You can see the digital transformation first-hand
At the Webidoo store you can truly experience technology, even the most sophisticated. An innovative approach based on phygital customer experience, leading people to experience first-hand the products, the digital Interaction possibilities, the human-technology relationship and the smart behaviours.

The Experience-Based approach of the Webidoo Store is not just consumer oriented: aligned to Webidoo mission, some spaces are dedicated to companies, first of all SMEs, innovation, where you can test and purchase innovative digital solutions, from Digital Marketing services to new Fintech frontiers, from digital payments to Blockchain.

New Opening, new attitude
Not only a new opening, but the start of a new digital attitude in each person's everyday life. Starting from Saturday, November 6th, don't miss the opening event for the public, at 11 am. Booking is required here.

The Webidoo store will also host meetings, workshops and events. On November 6th, from 4pm to 6pm, the influencer and technology enthusiast Andrea Galeazzi will be at the store.

Choose. Explore. Experiment. Buy.
But first, come to visit us.