After Powerstop, the first ultra-fast charging station for e-cars inaugurated in November, Portanuova and Volvo renew their commitment to boost the development of sustainable mobility in Milan. Thanks to a partnership between Volvo Car Italia and COIMA, on 15 April Portanuova will open its doors to ELEC3City, an innovative full-electric car sharing service controlled through an app. The first-ever in Italy to be concentrated in a district.

The first neighbourhood e-car sharing blooms in Portanuova.

From 15 April, the Swedish manufacturer – historically one of the most committed to environmental protection – will provide the Portanuova Varesine parking lot with a fleet of 15 Volvo XC40 Recharge Single Motor full electric, boasting 31 hp and a 423-km (263-mi) range, easily managed through the Portanuova Milano app. The cars may be rented for a minimum of 30 minutes up to several days.

When the clock ticks 3 ½ hours, an advantageous daily rate is applied. By not offering drop-off at different points around the city, but only a final drop-off at the parking lot, it differs from traditional car-sharing services, freeing the drivers from the hassle of looking for parking spaces around the city, with the related environmental impact.

The form of mobility promoted by ELEC3City aims to actively contribute to the decarbonization of the Portanuova District, one of the most caring urban areas with regard to nature and its residents alike.

ELEC3City is also a tangible answer to the growing and widespread energy and transportation costs, and it is part of a Volvo’s bigger plan about providing the entire nation with ultra-fast Powerstop charging stations. An incentive for sustainable mobility that COIMA will play a part in by installing 600 electric stations at Portanuova by the end of 2022.

Download the Portanuova Milano app and start your experience with Volvo Elec3city.

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