Blue of a kind is born from Japanese wabi-sabi

Imperfection as a form of beauty, in Portanuova.

It's the Japanese philosophy according to which beauty is in incompleteness, in imperfection. It's a vision of the world based on authenticity, on things as they are.

The more clothes are worn and lived, and therefore become imperfect, the more they are desirable. It's the wabi-sabi approach of denim upcycle, according to Fabrizio Consoli, who founded Blue of a kind brand in 2018.

Revolution of the existing in No. 3 Capelli street
The new Blue of a kind temporary store is located between Corso Como and Gae Aulenti square. A space set up using only recycled materials and furniture from previous fashion shows and events. An 80 square metres area, housing the genderless and seasonless collection focusing on re-use, on "what already exists".

Singularity, uniqueness, sustainability
Not only each single garment is numerated and signed by the seamstress who makes it, but the garment keeps its history and uniqueness. The work is done on the existing garment, so its heritage is kept. Also, the fact it is 100% upcycled ensures that its DNA is totally sustainable. This way, each piece Is different and perfect in its imperfection.

With this new chapter, Blue of a kind gives its green boost to Portanuova, the first neighborhood in the world candidate for LEED&WELL for Community double certification.

We're waiting for you at Blue of a kind.
In Portanuova, No. 3 Capelli street.