BAM opens two hotels for the youngest of its inhabitants

Besides enhancing its great botanical richness, BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano also wants to focus on the faunal biodiversity of the park, through a competition for the design of two hotels dedicated to the most industrious, tireless and "fruitful" of the customers: the pollinating insects that populate the green lung of Portanuova, renewing its luxuriance and biodiversity every year thanks to their contribution.

The design contest for these two Bugs Hotels is addressed to students, universities, designers, companies, artisans and professionals. The goal is the creation and construction of two houses for the small inhabitants who populate the Biblioteca degli Alberi, also in view of the opening, in 2024, of a new area dedicated to nourishing and nectareous species, designed precisely to encourage the settlement and the development of the most representative species of the northern Italian entomological populations: in particular Lepidoptera (butterflies), Hymenoptera (bees, bumblebees), Coleoptera (beetles and ladybirds), Orthoptera (crickets and grasshoppers).

The new permanent homes of our insect friends will have to respect specific design features, including an innovative design, eco-sustainable materials capable of lasting over time and withstanding bad weather.

The projects will be selected by a scientific committee made up of experts in naturalistic subjects and cultural institutions such as the Brera Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum and the University of Milan: the finalist designs will then be presented during the Orticola event, at the stand of Gardenia, Media Partner of the project.

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