Live from the centralcourts of Piazza Gae Aulenti: it’s padel time!

Bandeja, vibora, globo, chiquita, bajada, cuchilla: these are not the words of a new language, but the shots of one of today’s trendiest and most loved sports worldwide. The padel wave has hit our country too, with new courts blossoming across the map. As for the birth of this sport – one of the most popular in Argentina – some say that its inventor, wishing to build a tennis court inside his house, had the bright idea of considering the walls as an integral part of it.

Portanuova, which has always had a watchful eye on international trends, has commissioned to Zeta Padel Club the setup of 2 padel courts in Piazza Gae Aulenti, open to all, every day (Sunday too!), from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

An innovative start-up company with a green heart, Zeta has also placed service and support containers adjacent to the courts, as a smart alternative option to concrete and in the scope of circular economy, including the full recovery of the constructions.

One of the containers hosts the business lounge and the Babolat ProShop, where you may buy the latest models of rackets and other accessories. Back to the “Made in Z” courts, they are equipped with Z Lockers – smart lockers for your personal items – and the spectacular ProEyes technology, providing players with a unique experience thanks to 4K cameras filming game highlights in Full-HD. The FUN system will allow you to admire your performance and share live footage on social networks. The PRO service is, instead, dedicated to players taking lessons.

Finally, for physical fitness freaks – but even to warm up before games and avoid annoying injuries – the package includes a Technogym-equipped gym. And for your deserved rest after the match (or if you simply prefer to lie down and watch the others do the work…), check out the sunbathing area and its beach umbrellas.

Book your court here or call 340 0564744. And if you are a BAM Friend it will be possible to participate in a free class to discover the basics of Padel, one more opportunity to renew your support for the park's green community.

Padel crash-course - BAM