Portanuova lights up green and surprises you during the holidays with a calendar of events to enjoy together.

Emotion, sharing, warmth, shopping and joy, this is Christmas. If we try to live it according to the values of sustainability, personal well-being, respect for the environment, making responsible choices and paying attention to what we buy, it becomes a Green Christmas right away. Our Green Christmas. Green is the dominant feeling and color. This year the tops of the towers, the facades of the buildings, the places of Christmas will light up with this color, creating a synergy of neighborhood, which is synonymous with community, relationship, and bond.

In Portanuova, the first district in the world undergoing the double certification LEED & WELL for Community, this year we want to restart this way, warming hearts with initiatives that rekindle the desire to get In touch with ourselves, our loved ones and our city.

Let’s take a closer look at the Green Christmas initiatives in Portanuova.


• How nice it is to walk through the Christmas markets in Gae Aulenti Square.
12 wooden houses where you can buy different food products, from sweets to roasted chestnuts, up to handicraft goods.

• As you walk, look up at the sky. Our 11 meters high Christmas Tree will light up in front of you with its illuminated sleds.

• From December 16th to January 6th, let's plunge into Christmas thanks to the projections on the facades of Unicredit.

Chestnuts and music, every Saturday there will be a travelling cart distributing roast chestnuts for free.

• On December 20th, the audio/video streaming of the Blue Note concert, which will take place in Courmayeur from December 17th to 21st, will be shown on the sails of Piazza Gae Aulenti.


From December 1st to January 9th 2022, a scenography created by Volvo Studio Milano recreates the magical atmosphere of the suggestive Swedish North. Come and visit the penguin family, Polly the cute White Bear, and their fantastic Igloo.


And here’s what you can do in Portanuova, from December 4th to January 9th, 2022:

Ice Skating
The Portanuova Ice Skating run by Axel and sponsored by Milka will be accompanied by the House of Milka, a refuge dedicated to lovers of the famous chocolate, where to taste delicious chocolates. The Ice Skating will be open until the 30th of January.

Wrapping Christmas gifts on the weekend of December 17th-19th
At Gorillas' kiosk you can have your Christmas gifts wrapped up for free.

Driving electric cars
Be Charge presents La via elettrica - Kids drive the change, a space for children to experience sustainable mobility.  Here, the little ones will be able to drive the electric cars along a circuit designed specifically for Portanuova. This attraction will be located between Pandenus and the IBM Pavilion from 18th to 23th December, and will be active from 10AM until 8PM.

And the initiatives continue with moments of cultural and artistic entertainment conceived by BAM, taking place between the park and Gae Aulenti square.

• Saturday, December 4th
Itinerant performance with the music by Dirty Dixie Jazz Band.

• Sunday, December 5th
Creative workshop to create Christmas decorations. Do not miss the performance of the Winter Butterflies: bright figures will perform in a show of figure skating on the notes of The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.

• Saturday, December 11th
Itinerant music between the park and the square with the Bandakadabra.

• Sunday, December 12th
Creative workshop for the little ones on Santa Lucia: we build lights and cards in collaboration with Kikolle Lab. Afterwards in the park, the performance at stages of the choir of the young singers of Turin.

• Saturday, December 18th
Artistic and itinerant music performance with the street band Funkasin.

• Sunday, December 19th
Winter Day! The winter solstice festival by BAM: a day dedicated to games, workshops, film screenings, contests and much more on the theme of water and its transformations, told with the language of new media.

• Thursday, December 23rd
Great Christmas Gospel Concert in BAM with Gospel Brothers & Voice of Worship

On Christmas day it is also nice to get yourself a gift, if green even better.

Discover on  BAM website the special Christmas discounts dedicated to BAMFRIENDS: 10% off on the products sold by the Christmas market and 50% off on the skating rink in Gae Aulenti square.