E.ON and Portanuova: a new spark for e-mobility

To foster a tangible development of electric mobility in Milan, Portanuova has teamed up with E.ON – one of the main utility companies in Italy – for the installation of 14 charging units (wall boxes) for green vehicles at the Portanuova Varesine parking lot. One of the project goals is, of course, to actively contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions, amounting to 20.17 metric tonnes (the same amount absorbed in a year by 2,880 trees) as estimated by E.ON*.

The initiative confirms Portanuova’s role as a “model district” for advanced urbanism and a “lab district” for the experimentation of sustainable solutions and activities to improve its residents’ wellness and quality of life while fully respecting the environment.

This effort defines Portanuova’s road to becoming the first-ever LEED® and WELL® Community district in the world: a supporter and promoter of sustainability culture. The partnership with E.ON – launched with 14 wall boxes and counting – follows the agreement with Volvo for the erection of Powerstop Portanuova – the first-ever ultra-fast charging station in an Italian city – and the start-up of the district car-sharing service Elec3city. As many as 600 charging units are set to be installed at the District by the end of 2022!

Also thanks to the new E.ON wall box network, Portanuova confirms its commitment to “sparking” sustainable mobility.

*This estimate is based on the data recorded by E.ON in the period from 29/10/2021 to 1/02/2022 concerning an electric vehicle charged with green electric energy.