The greenest Volvo car chooses Milan's greenest district to unveil itself to the public

Sometimes it's true that kindred spirits recognize each other instantly: Volvo's personality and the values that this brand has always conveyed to the public (like the famous slogan "Volvo for life") perfectly align with those of the Portanuova district. The two brands share a common mission: improving people's quality of life—those who drive Volvo cars and those who live in and experience the Portanuova neighborhood.

This shared mission is certainly no coincidence. Because if both brands aim to offer a high-quality living experience, the path to get there can't be too different. The parallel between Volvo and Portanuova materializes in design and environmental sustainability—two fundamental themes at the core of both brands' offerings.

That's why Milan and Portanuova have been chosen to host the world premiere reveal event of the new Volvo EX30—the brand's latest fully electric compact SUV designed to have the lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo produced so far.

"We have always believed that Milan and the Portanuova district, in particular, were the ideal places to showcase our new EX30 and its extraordinary sustainability features to the world," says Michele Crisci, President of Volvo Car Italy.

This collaboration arises from the desire to enhance the quality of life in the city by developing sustainable urban models. In 2021, thanks to Volvo, the first fast electric charging station was installed in Portanuova, and in 2022, the neighborhood's electric mobility service, ELEC3City, was inaugurated.