HARIBO Gold Bears turn 100 and light up happiness in Portanuova

To celebrate the first 100 years of the iconic Golden Bears, HARIBO has decided to bring its childlike happiness to Piazza Gae Aulenti and give to kids and adults sweet moments of lightheartedness.
During the 4 days of the "HARIBO Turn on happiness" event it will be possible to play together with HARIBO, taste the Golden Bears in all their variations and live a unique experience, full of fun, sharing, and inclusion in support of the Dynamo Camp ONLUS Foundation, which has been involved for years in supporting children with serious and chronic diseases and their families through recreational therapy programs.

The “HARIBO: Accendi la felicità” event will be free and open to everybody. It will revolve around the 4 main attractions of the HARIBO Village:

-    1 giant (3 m/9’10”) HARIBO gummy bear with which to take a picture as a fun souvenir.
-    1 trampoline to unleash your Childlike Happiness, with jumps and laughter and you will receive an e-mail with an animated gif of yourself in flight!
-    1 mysterious lightroom lit by the HARIBO lamps, created specifically for the centenary contest.
-    The “Find the golden bear” game: challenge your friends in a treasure hunt for golden gummy bears.

Large illustrated totems will also tell the colorful story of the Golden Bears and the activity carried out with Dynamo Camp.

Everyone can take part, but all you need to do to provide active support is take a photograph of a happy moment and post it on your Instagram stories, adding the @HARIBOit and @Dynamocamponlus tags. Any shots, not just taken in the Square but anywhere, will increase the HARIBO donations to the Foundation, thus will lighting up new smiles and promoting future initiatives.
Moreover, you may take part in the Instant Win Accendi la felicità, contest with 300 limited-edition gummy bear-shaped lamps are at stake. The lamps are 100% Made in Italy and designed by Amarcords. 

The beloved HARIBO mascot will present for photographs and selfies with children.
Last but not least, the show by the Milano Cheers cheerleading team on the notes of the HARIBO jingle and the appearances of guest sports/web stars. 

Fondazione Dynamo Camp non-profit organization
Milano Cheerleaders