Portanuova is now the first sustainable district of the world.

Portanuova is the first and only district in the world to have obtained a double LEED & WELL for Community certification for its commitment to the environment and the physical/social wellness of the people. An area that has become a laboratory to experiment on sustainable urban regeneration; a space to experience every day; and a project you can become a part of.

The international recognition confirms Portanuova’s commitment towards social, environmental, and economic sustainability, playing its part to place Milan and Italy among the cutting-edge areas for real estate projects with a measurable and transparent impact. The LEED certification for Cities and Communities, assigned by the US Green Building Council, analyses the quality of life in urban areas through strict criteria in terms of sustainable materials, construction techniques, carbon footprint, and the use of renewable energy.

Moreover, the WELL Community Standard – assigned by the International WELL Building Institute and complementary to the LEED certification – recognizes the integration of people and their interaction in a community through the availability of public areas, health protection, and psychophysical well-being. The two authoritative certifications symbolize the communion of “good” architecture – thus one that considers the real-life demands of humans and respects the environment – and the development of inclusive activities through an innovative and replicable urban model. The common focus is to promote quality of life in an advanced city context. As well as the cycle and pedestrian paths, public spaces become the guardians and promoters of biodiversity. Just like the Library of Trees, animated by exciting cultural and recreational activities promoted by the Riccardo Catella Foundation, BAM, the Feltrinelli Foundation, Casa della Memoria, and Stecca degli Artigiani. All this and much more, close to all the essential services including public transportation, scooter rentals, and car-sharing.

The prestigious dual recognition assigned to Portanuova confirms that– even thanks to you! – we are moving together in the right direction, towards a growingly conscious and sustainable lifestyle for us and for the planet.

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LEED for Cities and Communities
Measures the social, economic, and environmental performance of a district, assessing its tangible commitment to improving the lives of its dwellers. The certification body analyses 8 categories, including energy efficiency, emissions, and transportation, comparing their performance and progress to national and international standards in a process of continuous improvement of people’s quality of life. The certifying body not only inspects, but also helps and educates, suggesting best practices for reduced energy consumption, waste generation, miles travelled by vehicles, and, of course, CO2 emissions.

WELL for Community
WELL for Community is the humane and socially oriented face of the two certifications. It aims to foster, through public spaces and cultural initiatives open to all, the development and maintenance of community wellness. The flagship values of this coveted certification are inclusiveness, integration, and resilience.

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