Working apart, but in good company! Map of the indoor and outdoor hotspots of Portanuova’s “near working” network.


Remote working, distance working, smart working, ODL: this year of forced confinement has brought us closer than ever to the web network as an incredible tool to work and study from home. Let us introduce you to “near working”, an evolution of smart working to practice “in a professional space and time that is halfway between one’s home and workplace, thus allowing workers to remain close to family needs without being overly affected by the related stress, and at the same time to work safely and efficiently” (from

The ideal location for near working is a café where you can study, work, do research, have fun with your laptop or swipe your tablet while you sip a drink or nibble a snack, setting your eyes free from the sight of those bleak domestic walls. Needless to say, Portanuova offers spaces for your itinerant navigation designed for every aesthetic taste and palate.

A click away from Porta Garibaldi, Corso Como, and the BAM park, sitting in Piazza Gae Aulenti under the UniCredit Tower, your office can also be a bookshop. Yessir, the Feltrinelli RED bistrot has tables both indoors and on the patio facing the fountain, with a selection of food and drinks to garnish your session.

Pandenus – also in Piazza Gae Aulenti – is a bakery and café with a menu made to satisfy you at any time of the day – breakfast, snacks, drinks and dinner. Via G. de Castillia hosts the Café Gorille, with a rustic-chic, laid-back and welcoming environment to work, study or have breakfast, lunch or a snack, as relaxed as can be.

If you prefer to navigate outdoors and close to nature, perhaps alternating your day “at the office” or “in class” with a sunbathing session, come to BAM with its circular forests, lie on its blooming fields or try its comfortable chaise longues. An open-air living room where you can lose yourself in your favourite novel, even after sunset thanks to its soft reading lights.

Not enough? We have some more hotspots for you at the Riccardo Catella Foundation gardens, the spaces adjacent to the IBM Studios pavilion (a source of inspiration for many with its vanguardist design), and of course Piazza Gae Aulenti. The benches along the Varesine Promenade and in the Giardino de Castillia park are also very popular. And never forget: Portanuova offers fast and free Wi-Fi, wherever you are in the District!