• 22 Mar - 27 Sep
  • 19:00 - 22:00

Diachronic Visions: worlds in dialogue between natural ecosystems and contemporary digital art.

A contemporary art project curated by Francesca Colombo, Cultural Director General of BAM, in collaboration with the unborn MNAD, National Museum of Digital Art, designed for the Volvo Studio Milano that launches a new cultural program that explores Safety as a Creative Environment.

An opportunity to further expand our partnership with Volvo, Park Ambassador of BAM from the very first steps, as well as our cultural offer that is always free to citizens.

Visioni Diacroniche proposes a journey in 4 stages with the involvement of 4 international artists - we talk about the transformation of the environment by relating art, habitat and sustainability to tell the perception of each artist on the theme, with their own aesthetics and ideas of artistic representation.

All with the language of digital art.

Appointment calendar
- Thursday 22.3 Ayman Zedani with To the ancestors, human and non-human
- Wednesday 31.5 Natalia Trejbalova with About Mirages and Stolen Stones
- Tuesday 27.9 Trevor Paglen with Bloom
- Wednesday 15.11 the Iranian artist Nazgol Ansarinia

The appointments, free and open to all, start at 19

A Volvo project curated by BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano ( and MNAD National Museum of Digital Art

The event scheduled for Wednesday 15.11 is postponed to Wednesday 22.11


  • Volvo Studio Milano Viale della liberazione ang, Via Melchiorre Gioia
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