• 4 Sep - 13 Sep

BAM Workshop KIDS and Adults: Mandala vegetali

Every first Sunday of the month at BAM there are #nature workshops!

Always divided into two shifts in the morning for younger children and one shift in the afternoon for adults.

The September appointment is dedicated to mandalas.

What is a mandala?

A symbolic design that in Hinduism and Buddhism represents the universe, it has a circular shape and is composed of repeating geometric figures. Creation usually starts from a central point and continues outward: it proceeds by arranging the various materials in a regular, concentric fashion until a circular shape is achieved, all decorated.

The goal is not so much the beauty of the end result as the pleasure and serenity of the gesture. This is what mandalas are: works of calm and concentration, a search for beauty and visual balance.

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BAM Workshop Orti KIDS: Orto a ciclo continuo

The new cultural year cannot begin without the BAM’s gardening workshops, the pièce de résistance of the Riccardo Catella Foundation.

We shall meet every Tuesday at the De Castillia gardens to learn and explore the colours of nature expressed by the vegetables, flowers, and dye plants!

This year’s programme will guide the young farmers along a path of introduction to nature. They will learn how to plant a vegetable garden respectfully and discover a myriad of fun facts.

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BAM Workshop Orti KIDS | Il compost : vegetable garden tidying

Every Tuesday we meet in the De Castillia Garden with horticulture workshops, the flagship of the Riccardo Catella Foundation's programming, to discover the colors of nature among vegetables, flowers and dye plants.

This year's cycle takes young horticulturists on a journey to learn about nature, how to cultivate it, respect it but also discover its many secrets.

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  • Area Meli Via Gaetano de Castillia, 18-20
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